Between the Past and Present

Casa Bastone

It’s thought that Casa Bastone was built in the early 1900s. It was used by past residents for farming. Later, it was used as a mountain shelter. It has always been a magical meeting and resting place for hikers and campers.

Thanks to a group of people from Santa Lucia, near Prato, since the last important restoration in 1987, Casa Bastone has been looked after with great care and passion. From Santa Lucia they set off with bags of cement on their shoulders to fix all the problems. In the 1990s the flooring of one of the rooms was redone and the outdoor stairs that lead to the wonderful grapevines were completely renovated. They even fixed the road, which was once impossible to use for vehicles when it was only possible to reach the house on foot.

Casa Bastone in Calvana con neve
They made the indoor kitchen and the back room with its own entrance. Two water storage rooms and connecting pipes to the house were also installed. The old power generator was replaced (electricity was installed in all rooms), and the bathroom was built.

Thanks to these brave locals, Casa Bastone, with its red windows looking over the city of Prato, was beautifully rebuilt and is still cared for with total passion and commitment.

The Acquerino Cantagallo Association decided to continue this commitment so that we can all continue to enjoy Casa Bastone. It can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to stop and admire the view from the terrace, share a sandwich with friends, organise a lunch or dinner or, why not, have a nice weekend dedicated to nature, silence and sharing the beauty that this magical place has to offer.

How to reach us

How to access Casa Bastone

This unique, magical place is where you can share, meet and get together with friends and family, and admire the very special view, completely surrounded by nature. You can reach Casa Bastone on foot, following the CAI mountain paths (red and white signs) from the following starting points:
From S. Lucia di Prato
Trail CAI 40 and 24
From Filettole
Trail CAI 40
From San Leonardo
Trail CAI 24 and "innesto del cacciatore"
From I Bifolchi
Trail CAI 20
Via di Cavagliano, 8 - Monte Retaia - Prato (PO)

Discover the magic of Casa Bastone

Casa Bastone is a magical place, immersed in the beautiful nature of the Calvana. It is an ideal starting point for different hiking routes, and it includes a natural terrace that offers an amazing view. Discover the magic of Casa Bastone!

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Panchina e finestra di Casa Bastone in Calvana
The areas outside the house and the back room are open to everyone. The house rules must always be followed at Casa Bastone. In order to use the rooms inside, the Acquerino Cantagallo Association charges a small fee, as well as Association membership to ensure full insurance coverage.

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