The Association

The Acquerino Cantagallo Association was founded by a group of friends who are passionate about their local area. Each one of us, with our own motivation and energy, offers skills covering many subjects: sport, nature photography, beekeeping, mycology, history about the land, trail maintenance and much more.

Over the years, a diverse network of people has grown but we have maintained the aims of promoting and rediscovering our beloved mountainous lands. We initially created our Facebook page to collect photos taken during our trips in the woods, and slowly it has evolved into an educational page for promoting the area.

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We decided to meet in person at our meetings called “Off the Web.” Due to the tremendous success, it opened our eyes to all the unexpected possibilities, including the full social and environmental value of our activities.

It was time to make an important step towards something more than just being a group of enthusiasts. So, on 16th April 2016, we officially created the volunteer association for the promotion of the reserve. We have always carried out our activities with passion and commitment, driven by a shared feeling: the love for our land.

How we work

Our values

We believe in environmental education, the promotion of an ecological culture and raising awareness about environmental issues and related behaviours
We believe in human solidarity for the valorisation of the land as an essential component for the complete development of humankind
We believe in the respecting and protecting the natural and historical-environmental heritage that are part of our territory
We provide conservation of the natural heritage and support facilities for hiking activities
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We value our uniqueness

The Association is a non-profit organization and exclusively focusses on the protection and development of the Acquerino Cantagallo Nature Reserve and the surrounding areas. Come and discover our mission!

Come and visit us at Casa Bastone

Casa Bastone

Casa Bastone

The Acquerino Cantagallo Association manages Casa Bastone, one of the symbolic places in the Calvana mountains. Come and find us in this corner of paradise just two steps from home.
Acquerino Cantagallo App

Discover our App

Download the Acquerino Cantagallo App. The Acquerino Cantagallo App contains three tracks of unique routes, designed to give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and nature of the Acquerino Cantagallo Nature Reserve and surrounding areas. Each trail has its own characteristics that distinguish it; find out more details in the sections dedicated to the tracks.

Discover the app

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Join our team

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The Association needs supporters that not only are interested in taking part in our activities, but also want to offer their time to help our community grow. Become part of the Acquerino Cantagallo team!

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