Acquerino Cantagallo launches its new website

Acquerino Cantagallo launches its new website

Welcome to Acquerino Cantagallo Association’s new website!

The Acquerino Cantagallo Association is back online in a more modern format. As you will have seen, we have decided to adopt a completely new design for our website to make it more lively, dynamic and up-to-date. We have also decided to widen the content available to make it easier for users to access a wider variety of information.

On the new Acquerino Cantagallo Association website there is a section which is about the Association and its Mission. There is another section about the Territory with lots of information about the Acquerino Cantagallo Nature Reserve. You can also find a page dedicated to Casa Bastone, a structure managed by the Association. We have also created a Photo Gallery where we have collected the best photos of the reserve and made four albums. We also have a Video Gallery where, over time, we will post videos that we take on our walks. We thought that a section listing the main accommodation or restaurants after a wonderful day of hiking in the reserve would be useful for many visitors. So, we decided to create a Where To Stay page that is just for you.


Passo del Treppio segnale Riserva Naturale Acquerino Cantagallo


In addition to content, we have also tried to work on the usability of the site to provide you with the best possible browsing experience. Therefore, we have included many internal links to make it easier to navigate within the various sections and to avoid getting lost in the pages. Among the other new features, we have given you the option of filling in a registration form for the Association directly online on the page Become a Member.  You will then be able to download the form if you have already filled out all fields, so that you only have to sign and email it or you can hand-deliver it at one of our meetings. The complete website comes with new graphics that we hope you will enjoy. We look forward to hearing your opinions!

But this is only the first of our new “digital” changes. In fact, a few days ago, we also launched the YouTube channel for Acquerino Cantagallo Association. This is an additional information channel where we will upload videos related to our events and activities and more. So, we are inviting all of you to send us your videos of the Acquerino Cantagallo Nature Reserve including nature, animals, excursions, any other features of the area, and any topic involving our beloved reserve. Then, you will be able to see the videos posted on our YouTube channel and our website. To understand how to send your videos you can contact us. Below you can see the first video we uploaded, which is an introduction to our association. Hurry and sign up!



And it doesn’t stop there! There is also another new feature. To strengthen our online presence and improve our “virtual” connection with our supporters, we have decided to expand to social media. And so, the Acquerino Cantagallo Association is also on Instagram! We recently activated our account, which is an addition to all the Association’s other communication channels. Get ready to be overloaded with our stories! What are you waiting for? Follow us on Instagram and spread the word!


Acquerino Cantagallo Instagram


In this virtual world, don’t forget that we strongly believe in “real” experiences together in the community. The website and our social media channels are important tools for keeping in touch on a daily basis and to easily publish news and information, especially during a particular period such as the lockdown. But soon we will be back to meet in person with our events and activities, to get together and share with all of you the joy of a beautiful walk to discover the Acquerino Cantagallo Nature Reserve.

In the meantime, have a look around our new website and let us know what you think!

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